Inside the 15-Minute Daily Ritual That Makes Jeff Bezos a Bette

How Jeff Bezos Starts His Day

Jeff Bezos, the founder and former CEO of Amazon, is considered one of the most successful and innovative business leaders of our time. He has built his fortune by taking risks and thinking outside the box. One daily routine that has contributed to his success is his 15-minute daily ritual.

Bezos begins his day with a simple but powerful routine. He starts by reading customer complaints, which he refers to as “negative feedback.” He believes that negative feedback is one of the most important sources of information for building a successful business. By listening to what customers don’t like about Amazon, Bezos can identify areas where the company can improve.

Why Negative Feedback Is So Important

Negative feedback is a valuable source of information because it helps companies understand their customers better. By listening to what people are saying about your products or services, you can identify patterns and trends that indicate where your business may be falling short. This information can help you make improvements and build a more successful business.

Bezos takes this concept to heart and uses negative feedback as a tool for continuous improvement. By starting his day with negative feedback, he can approach each day with a clear understanding of what needs to be fixed and how he can better serve his customers.

The Benefits of a 15-Minute Daily Ritual

Bezos’ 15-minute daily ritual is an example of how a small habit can have a big impact on your life and career. By dedicating just 15 minutes each morning to this routine, Bezos can stay in touch with his customers and keep his finger on the pulse of the business.

This habit has helped Bezos build a successful business by allowing him to identify problems and make changes quickly. It has also helped him stay focused on what’s most important, which is serving his customers.

How You Can Implement This Habit in Your Own Life

If you’re looking to improve your leadership skills or your business, implementing a 15-minute daily ritual like Jeff Bezos’ can be a great place to start. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Start by identifying a source of feedback that’s relevant to your business or career.
  2. Dedicate 15 minutes each day to reviewing this feedback and taking notes on areas where you can improve.
  3. Use this information to make changes and improvements on a regular basis.

Remember, small habits can have a big impact over time. By dedicating just 15 minutes each day to this habit, you can build a more successful business or career.


1. How does negative feedback help businesses?

Negative feedback helps businesses understand their customers better by identifying areas that need improvement. By listening to what people are saying about your products or services, you can make changes and improvements that will lead to a more successful business.

2. Why is it important for leaders to listen to negative feedback?

Leaders who listen to negative feedback are better equipped to make improvements and build successful businesses. When you listen to what customers don’t like about your products or services, you can make changes that will improve their experience, which can lead to increased loyalty and sales.

3. How can I use negative feedback to improve my career?

If you’re looking to improve your career, seeking out feedback from colleagues or supervisors can be a valuable tool. By asking for feedback on your performance, you can identify areas where you can improve and make changes that will help you succeed in your current role or advance your career.

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