11 Steps To Student Employment Success

Let’s get right to the point. I would like to suggest that students should concentrate on the job search preparation activities that are most likely to give them the results that lead to good jobs in their fields of interest.

College students must understand that the “The senior year job search actually starts in the Freshman year.” That means that students who spend enough time following the eleven steps described below will give themselves the best chance for landing good paying jobs in their areas of interest. Waiting too long to get started is the biggest mistake that a student can make.

Eleven Steps

1. Select A Field Of Interest – Many students already know their areas of interest when they enter college. Generally, they are the areas where students have had some previous experience, success and enjoyment. Nearly every student can tell us what they like and where they have experienced success. They can also tell us what they dislike and where they have done poorly.

By thinking about their natural strengths and previous experiences, many students will know if they are computer savvy, whether they are good with math and science, how well they read, write, speak and communicate, whether they have a thing for teaching, if they have an interest in business and whether they can act, sing and dance or something else. With some thought, most students can put themselves into a broad category. Those who do not have a general direction can be counseled and tested.

2. Identify Jobs or Job Categories That Are Of Interest To You – Students must have a target. Without a target, their efforts and activities are likely to be all over the place. Students should try to identify jobs that will take advantage of their natural strengths and capabilities in areas they like.

3. Select A Major And A Minor That Will Directly Support Your Targets – Your primary academic courses should be as closely related to your employment direction as possible. Talk with former students, counselors, employers and people who are performing the jobs that are of interest. They can provide useful information.

4. Identify Employers That Hire Students For Those Target Jobs – It is important to identify as many employers as possible. Those are your target employers. Identify the names of the hiring managers for the jobs that are of interest to you. Try to obtain their phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Begin to follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn as much as possible about them and their companies. They may reveal information that you can use.

5. Research The Employer Requirements For Your Target Jobs – What education, skills, talents, experiences, accomplishments, successes and results do employers need, want and expect of employment candidates. Will candidates be expected to demonstrate communication and leadership skills? To what degree do these jobs require creativity, problem-solving, initiative, high productivity, accuracy and quality etc.? How much technical experience and what skills are needed?

6. Develop A Semester-by-Semester Employment Plan Of Action – Based on 5 above, wise students get started early to develop a plan that will meet or exceed the employer requirements for the jobs that are of interest to them. Each semester there should be a list of four or five items to be completed. In that way students will gradually move closer and closer to their employment goals each semester and greatly improve their chances for employment success. Students who do not give employers what they want will be eliminated from consideration.

7. Obtain Good Grades In The Courses Related To Your Field Of Interest – Employers expect you to do your best in courses related to your major and minor. If your grades are only average, you will have to excel in another area that the employer considers to be important. By the way, employers want more than good grades. They prefer students who have proved themselves on the job or in some other way.

8. Obtain Some Work Experience in Areas That Interest Your Target Employers – Internships, part-time and summer jobs can give you the experiences that will set you apart from other good candidates. Employers love to hear about your on the job experiences, accomplishments and contributions. Even if you do not work in your field of interest, you can demonstrate your leadership, creativity, problem-solving and communication skills. They are all important.

9. Participate In Activities That Enable You To Demonstrate You Capabilities – Whenever you participate in on-campus or off-campuus activities, you give yourself the opportunity to make a positive impression on employers. You can demonstrate your capabilities by taking on some responsibility, utilizing your knowledge and skills and accomplishing something positive. Students who do not get involved with the activities that are available will limit the number of places where they can impress employers.

10. Create A Strong Employment Network – The more people who know you and think highly of you the more likely you will obtain the information you will need to identify potential employers, people who work for them and the jobs that may be available. Your job is to expand your network and regularly communicate with the people who can help you. Keep in mind that whenever you help a member of your network, you increase the chances that they will help you.

11. Build Relationships With People Who Will Serve As References – Enthusiastic, influential and impressive references will help to ensure that you receive more and better job offers. However, you should realize that it takes a long time to build a solid relationship with someone who must place their reputation on the line to support you and your employment goals. Building relationships should not be a last minute thought.

A resumé which does not describe a substantial number of accomplishments, successes, positive results and examples of impressive experiences, will be quickly eliminated from the competition. However, when you carefully follow these eleven steps, you will be thoroughly considered by many more employers and are likely to increase the number of job offers you receive.

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Does Your Real Estate Investment Club Do it For You?

First let’s decide if we are looking for a real estate investment club, group, or association.

In many cities, you may just have to take what you can get. But if you have a choice you may find there might be a difference and you probably need to check out each group in your city that offers the most. But given the choice would you want to go to an Attorney that was a member of the “Lawyers Club” or would want one that was a member of the “Missouri Bar Association.”

The word club tends to come across as people who share a hobby and do you want to invest in real estate as a hobby or invest in real estate as a business. Then when you look at group, it seems to give you a feel of a loosely associated bunch of people, so if you want to foster change in legislation for example, would loosely associated people be able to do that. Association on the other hand means a group of organized people, who share a full time goal, and work together for the betterment of all involved.

So what should you look for in a group:
1. Look for an association that meets at least monthly if not more. This gives you a time to attend, meet people, have people meet you, ask questions, learn, network. If you have a choice this is the ideal situation. Now if the group only meets online or virtually, you might try to work with this group and see if you can’t find a way to get the people at the virtual meeting to attend a live networking events in town – be sure to work with the leader of the virtual group.

2. Look for a association that has meetings that offer both networking time and speaker time. You want a chance to learn from the speaker as well as time to talk to other people at the event. You also want a group that actually networks, this means that people are going around the room and talking to a lot of different people, not just breaking up into their own little cliques for the duration.

3. Also look for a realestate association that has an active online presence that offers extra stuff like:
a. Webinars for bonus training opportunities. This allows you to squeeze in one or two extra training events – usually on your time as they are recorded and you can listed to whenever you want to if you can’t make the live version of it.
b. Online networking opportunities through an active message board. This means you have a place to go and ask a question to the group and get multiple responses in between meeting times.
c. Recording of the speakers at meetings. So while I know you are going to attend every meeting, you might miss something and having the ability to go back and replay a part or all of a meeting is very beneficial.

4. Look for a real estate investing association that stays up to date with what is happening with local and national regulations. You want to find an association that brings you information about rules and regulations, local trends, and market data.

Again, you have to take what you can get. So if you can’t find an association in your area that offers all of these things, you might get involved with the only one you have and help them offer these things. It may just be that they want to offer these things but don’t have the willing and able bodies to provide these things. And if you have to start your own group National REIA ( http://www.nationalreia.com/ ) will help you provide all of these things.

This article is a part of a series of articles to help new people and experienced people figure out how to utilize their REIA group and build their investing team. Please watch for our previous or upcoming articles:
1. Where to find a real estate investment club.
2. What to look for in a real estate investment club.
3. What to take with you to a real estate investment club meeting.
4. Get the most out of the vendors at the real estate investment club meeting.
5. Networking at the real estate investment club meeting.
6. Learning at the real estate investment club meeting.
7. Follow up after the real estate investment club meeting.
8. Beyond the real estate investment club meeting.

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Fitness Tips for the Holiday Season

It’s well known that exercise and a balanced diet will keep a person healthy and fit. Unfortunately, as fun as the holidays are, the season from Halloween to New Years gives us plenty of opportunities to forfeit the proper execution of exercise and diet. Parties, relatives in town, and elaborate meals of celebration all lead to a different schedule and way of eating. In preparation for this time of year, I thought it appropriate to share some helpful tips on managing your healthy habits during such a traditionally unhealthy time of year.

1. Beware of sweets!
There is an abundance of cookies, cakes and other sugary snacks at home and work during the holidays. We all crave something sweet now and again but with so many counter-productive treats sitting within arm’s reach, you need to make a conscious effort to control that urge. Try fulfilling that sweet tooth with fruit!

2. Get enough sleep!
Add holiday shopping and parties onto your already busy schedule and sleep is even harder to come by. Help yourself (and those who will be around you) by having a solid time management system. This means you might have to set up your own curfew for late night parties or do more shopping online, but getting as close to eight hours of sleep a night as you can is important for your fitness and overall health.

3. Hydrate!
Cooler weather means dryer weather and we become dehydrated far faster. Make sure to drink plenty of water (especially if you’ve been drinking alcohol).

4. Stay away from the break room!
Co-workers have a tendency to bring in baked goods to share during the holidays. The longer you hang out in the break room and graze the goodies, the more times just “half a cookie” will add up. Do yourself the favor and just avoid being around them at all. Or if you must, already have a healthy snack in hand to keep your taste buds distracted!

5. Stay consistent with your workout routine!
Again, our schedules can get overwhelmed over the holidays with parties and other special activities. It’s vital you keep as close to your normal workouts as possible to keep your body in a regular state. Keeping your endorphins pumped up will keep your mood positive and help get through the stress of the season that could otherwise lead to poor choices.

6. Watch your alcohol intake!
Don’t let all the holiday parties be an excuse to drink more than you usually do. A drink or two spread out over a couple hours is OK for an adult of legal age, but be careful not to get caught up in the holiday spirit in a way that’s going to mess with the other items on this list (good sleep, hydration, healthy eating, consistent workouts).

7. Portion control!
The sight of a buffet style meal has the ability to throw our plate loading skills into overdrive. Be careful to keep healthy portion sizes even if there are triple the amount of choices to choose from.

8. Careful about couch time!
Without question, some of the greatest sporting events are held in the Fall and Winter. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones in attendance you will likely end up watching from the couch or at a sports bar. Consider watching your favorite team while walking on the treadmill or if you end up at a bar, skipping the beers for water and wings for salad. Remember the key is to stay consistent with your regular routine and not over indulge with food or excessive lounging.

9. Wash your hands!
The only thing worse than feeling stressed during the holidays is to get sick in the middle of this time of year. Make sure you wash your hands often… it doesn’t make you weird, it keeps you healthy.

10. Take advantage of the time of year!
Fitness centers and gyms know how to capitalize on the New Year’s goals people will be making, you should too! Check into different places and programs to find the best deals of the year.

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